Revolutionizing the food delivery platform!
Using blockchain technology
to our customers and teams!
Media & Events
Revolutionizing the Food Delivery Platform!
Using Blockchain Technology
To our customers and teams!
Join the community!
Media & Events
Benefits of Crypto Token to our sellers
Payments with less transaction fee & commission charges.
Dashboard access to monitor their sales & revenue.
Advertising with our platform with less/minimum charges using Crypto Token.
Chefs will be paid immediately as soon as the order is Completed.
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Benefits of Crypto Token to our Customers
Order your food with Crypto Token to avail discounts.
Earn Crypto Token to provide reviews and feedback.
Earn Crypto Token to refer a home-chefs or a friend to App GOOD FOOD.
Enjoy the benefits from Crypto Token value appreciation.
Generate passive income by contributing your ideas with App GOOD FOOD.
Join with App GOOD FOOD community to earn limited benefits and Crypto Token on every tasks completed.
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Business Model
Decentralized Finance for the
food delivery platform
By using the Crypto-Token, sellers and customers will get access to decentralised finance ( DeFi ).
The Crypto-Token provides borrowing/lending infrastructure that is completely decentralised and transparent
through smart contracts.
Token holders get a fair return for staking their Crypto-Token. Its a Win-Win Situation for everybody
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